COVID-19 Guidelines

2020 and 2021 are going to be difficult as COVID-19 rages on. At First Baptist, we are following all CDC guidelines. 

In order to attend worship you must:

-Wear a mask for the entire service. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please stay home and watch the service on Facebook Live.

-Socially distance (pews are marked off where you can sit). You can only sit with those whom you have traveled to church with. 

-Temperature checks and COVID checklist will be administered to each person- Including Pastor and staff.

Our regular rhythm has changed at First Baptist. 

-Communion will be virtual on the first Tuesday of the month

-All church meetings must be either before/after church. If that is not possible, they must be held virtually; whether through Zoom or conference call. 

-Sadly, the church is not open during the week to the public. 

-Pastor Forrest has had to suspend all visitations. If you would like a "Virtual visitation"- you may call the church at 897-2656. Pastor Forrest can visit over the phone, or set up a zoom call. 

-The offertory plate is no longer being passed. There is a box where you may place your offering when you enter.